Overflowing. Video

Overflowing. Video

Recently I have been experimenting with different mediums to convey the ideas banging around in my head.
This is the first of three I recently completed  using this new technique of flowing paint.

There is quite a bit of conceptualizing that went into the piece, which I need to write up fully, but for now here it is.


Mixed media

Exploring a new medium to communicate abundant blessings.
We are promised by the Almighty “I will overflow your life with abundant blessings”
Visualizing the flow of blessings from on high.
Music written, performed and recorded by Jon Madof

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  1. Yesher Koach …. love it!!! I’m so proud of you!!!! I just love how you work on those amazing ideas that you have till you can represent them in art form!!!! Chochma, Binah, Daat … may Hashem y”b continue to give you these amazing ideas, and the koach and perseverance to translate them artistically!!!


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