New Art. Shavuot

New Art. Shavuot

Enjoy your unique relationship with the Torah!

Wishing us all A Happy Shavuot!
– The day G-D descended on Mt Sinai and gave us the Torah/married the Jewish people.

The traditional Chassidic greeting is ; On Shavuot “we should receive the Torah and internalize its message”, deepening our relationship with G-D the giver of the Torah!
Little secret, the idea for this Holiday piece for Shavuot is at least 5 years old. I wanted a Holiday piece for each one of the Holidays. For a while I was thinking how to incorporate the Holiday food in the image, but in the end I went with the interplay of a Ashkenaz/ European Torah and a Sefard/Middle Eastern Torah. They are both identical on the inside, only the outer trappings reflect the countries and societies they evolved in.

So Happy Shavuot and – Enjoy your unique relationship with the Torah!

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  1. I love your piece, ‘Shavuot’. I have searched for the price of a print on this site, but can’t find it. If prints are for sale now, would you please let me know the web site? Thank you. And thank you for sharing your talent. Your Rabbi gave you good advice.


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