A few weeks back I was contemplating the miracle of Chanukah and it got me thinking; every night of Chanuah we light our menorah and after a few hours it goes out.
What would happen if we lit a menorah that lasted eight days?
Would it be a miracle?
What if we put enough oil to last eight days?
Would it still be a miracle?
Are there miracles today?
Can we, with our passion, be the catalyst to miracles in our lives?
Are miracles are only when oil last longer than it should?

What would it mean to create a Menorah that lasts eight days? How would it impact our understanding of the miracles of old? What message would a Menorah lasting eight days say today?

Perhaps we can be the miracles we are looking for
Perhaps we have more oil inside of us than we realize
Perhaps we can share our lights for eight days and longer, sharing our passion and conviction.
Perhaps we can change the world with exactly the amount of oil we have inside of ourselves.

Which led me to fashion a rather unconventional menorah; one that could last eight days.
Moully Art Chanukah Menorah (2)

The idea came to me about two weeks before Chanukah, not enough time to test out how physics wicks and oil impact conceptual art to create the menorah in my minds eye. Instead I went looking for a commercially available item that could be adapted.

Moully Art Chanukah Menorah (1)
The only available item that fit the bill was a 24-hole clear glass vase, which I filled with oil and placed eight wicks.
On the first night of Chanukah I lit the first wick which lasted all eight days of Chanukah.
The second night only the second wick, as the first one continues to burn, and so on. Each light lasting till the end of Chanukah, burning the reservoir of oil causing the water/oil level slowly descend.

The menorah was filled with enough oil for eight days, I would like to imply that we are filled with enough oil for way more than eight days, we just have to reveal it, strive for the impossible, and make it happen.
WE are the miracles we have been waiting for!
Shine on

Happy Chanukah
Yitzchok Moully