Visualizing Spirituality
Using Augmented Reality to ‘visualize’ spirituality

Welcome to this interactive body of work. To view and interact with the image in the left and see the ‘spiritual reaction’ download the Moully Arts app on the Apple app store and follow the instructions. 


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Visualizing Spirituality. New Works by Yitzchok Moully

This new show Visualizing Spirituality is the next step in an ongoing journey for me. For many years I have been inspired by Chassidus and the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s focus on ‘Dira B’tachtonim’ creating a space for G-D in the physical world through our actions.
Some of my previous bodies of work explored the power of our Mitzvot, explosions of color on canvas, overflowing blessings of wine depicted in various forms, channeling the energy of our actions on to two dimensional canvas.
What excites me about this new series, is the ability to use new mediums, new technologies to convey this concept of visualizing the spiritual energy of our physical actions.
The idea came to me after hearing a lecture by Rabbi Yossi Paltiel on the history of the ‘Ten Mivtzoyim’ – the ten Mitzvah campaign the Lubavitcher Rebbe initiated beginning in the 60’s. The common thread of the lecture is that each time the Rebbe released a new Mitzvah in the campaign it had an impact on the safety and security of Israel and Jews world wide.
The reality is, that when any Jewish person does a Mitzvah, they cause a cosmic impact on the whole world. No matter the person’s affiliation, practice history or even level of intent, when a Jewish person comprised of body and soul does a Mitzvah, their action changes the world.

There is only one problem. We don’t see the reaction.

Which lead me to create this series, where through the prism of augmented reality we can explore in a different dimension the spiritual reaction to our actions. The AR technologies allow the viewer to see deeper beyond the limitations of perceived reality. Through using the app the viewer gets a glimpse into a visualization of the spiritual dimension.
The choice of Mitzvot in this series are directly inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s ten Mitzvah campaign.

To learn more about the ten Mitzvah campaign – just google it.

Enjoy, Yitzchok Moully



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