Digital Cleansing

Participate in an interactive art installation titled “Digital Cleansing”.
Anonymously send your “digital regrets” via wifi printer, to be printed then destroyed through fire or water – and be cleansed.

The instillation will be live Sunday, September 16 3:00-4:00pm EST
All submissions before the instillation begins will be printed at 3:00pm EST

This years Digital Cleansing instillation is part of the Jewish Museum of NJ show titled
Yitzchok Moully – Pop Art Rabbi on display through October 21.  


Click below to anonymously participate in ‘Digital Cleansing”

Jersey City-based multimedia artist Yitzchok Moully’s latest installation piece, “Digital Cleansing”, challenges participants to reconnect with their essential, higher selves by physically purging their digital pasts.

The public is encouraged to anonymously send their confessed “digital regrets” (emotional Facebook posts, snappy Twitter replies, hasty email responses, and the like)  to the installation. Before their very eyes, the installation instantly prints the digital regrets, which then fall into a barrel of fire or water according to their choice and are destroyed, while the participant moves on, cleansed. 

Inspired by the High Holiday energy and ceremonies of Tashlich, Kapparot, and the opportunity to do Teshuvah and to return to our better selves,  “Digital Cleansing” calls to mind the classic High Holidays liturgy “On Rosh Hashanah it is written and on Yom Kippur it is sealed: who will live and who will die, who by fire, who by water…”

Moully’s “Digital Cleansing” unloads the invisible burdens we carry within us from our lives in the virtual realms, a matter we don’t often consider when contemplating repentance. By taking the regretful words we have spoken- or others have spoken to us- from cyberspace down into the physical realm, where they are physically destroyed, Moully aims to lift the heaviness of these virtual words from our beings, giving us more emotional and psychological space to connect with the small, still voice of our inner selves.


Click below to anonymously participate in ‘Digital Cleansing”


Send “digital regrets” to be destroyed by fire                        Send “digital regrets” to be destroyed by water