World renowned contemporary Jewish artist Rabbi Yitzchok Moully would love to share his work and creative energy with your community. He is passionate about sharing his work and the inspiration behind his work as well as guiding your community in creating their own masterpiece.

You are invited to host Moully as a guest lecturer/creative facilitator this year. In addition to his popular Pop Up Gallery, Artist Lectures, and Silkscreen Workshops, Moully is pleased to offer the following new programs:

Community +1 Mural:
A collaborative project to create an indoor or outdoor interactive mural celebrating your unique community.

Overflowing Workshop:
Newly developed workshop and meditation exploring the power of gratitude in a visual and hands on form. Taking the verse “…I will overflow your cup…” each participant receives a ‘cup of blessing’ where together we explore and meditate on our personal gratitude, creating unique overflowing blessing sculptures.

Overflowing Sculpture:
Taking the concept of the Overflowing workshop to a larger scale, communities create a large overflowing sculpture together. Where each member of the community publicly shares their gratitude and pours colored paint over a large kiddish cup, creating a ‘Overflowing Blessings’ sculpture for your community.

Mitzvah Murals:
As a bridge between Creator and creation, The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us that a mitzvah is a deed of cosmic significance and infinite value, and encouraged every Jew to do a mitzvah even if they are not committed to fulfilling all of them. Based upon this principle of the Rebbe to engage every Jew in his ‘Mitzva Campaign’, Yitzchok is committed to create a mural for each one of the 10 Mitzvot the Rebbe believed to be the ultimate way to transform the world.

The Face of a Mitzvah:
A new project for schools and community groups to encourage ownership and personal connectionto our mitzvot. Participants choose a ‘mitzvah object’ they feel a connection with and are photographed holding or interacting with their personal mitzvah object. Their portraits are printed and participants hang them in the host organization with the objective of filling the space and transforming the space with Mitzvot.

In addition to the above offerings, Moully loves a creative challenge and opportunities to collaborate. Please reach out with an idea or creative need to bring to life.