Host a Silkscreen Workshop

silkscreen workshop Moully poster

Moully uses silkscreen in his Jewish Pop art work and has found a way to bring this exciting yet simple process to children and adults alike.

Moully’s work takes recognizable Jewish objects and symbols and presents them in a contemporary style, making Judaism and Jewish art more accessible to the younger generation. This workshop gives participants the chance to make their own Jewish art masterpiece; something they will hopefully cherish for a long time to come while reminding them of their time in a Jewish camp as well as their Jewish heritage.

Moully served as a youth Rabbi and Hebrew School teacher for 10+ years in NJ and has years of experience working and engaging with children.

Silkscreen gives participants the opportunity to create their own piece of art in a comfortable non pressured environment.
The process of silkscreen is a printing method done by hand with minimal equipment. The process allows each participant to print a prepared image onto a canvas, creating a recognizable yet unique piece of art.

Past Workshops:

Hillel Academy, Milwaukee, WI                   Chabad South Beach, Miami, FL                Chabad Woman’s Club, Stony Brook, NY

Hillel, Kean University, NJ                            Chabad of the West Side, NY                      Netivot Montessori, New Brunswick, NJ

Chabad Orange, NY                                      Chabad North Shore, MA                            Temple Beth Sholom, Santa Ana, CA

Moully Family                                                 LEC, Miami, FL                                               Chabad & Lone Eagle Brewing, NJ 

Approximately 60 min, depending on the size of the group.

Materials needed:
Moully Will provide all the silkscreen materials.
For painting the following is needed; 12x12in canvas panel, acrylic paint, brushes which is supplied for each participant.

The workshop begins with each participant receiving a 12x12in canvas board.
Participants are encouraged to paint the canvas in a single color or simple patterns, depending on the participant’s skill level and comfort using paints. There is no right or wrong way to do this step.
Allowing the canvas to dry (acrylic paint dries quickly) participants choose one of three pre-selected images from Moully’s collection to print onto the canvas.

During this time Moully shares a little about his work in a brief talk titled “What’s a good Jewish Rabbi doing painting” and sharing ‘the place of creativity in Judaism’. The talk touches on the concept of each of us exploring and using our unique talents to make this world a better place.

Each participant works together with Moully in printing their own canvas. The printing process takes a few moments for each canvas allowing quite a number of participants to create their work in a relatively short period of time.

Following the printing participants can choose to continue to paint their artwork adding highlights or accents to the printed work.

Each participant is encouraged to sign their own Jewish art masterpiece!

Silkscreen Workshop $750 up to 50 people
$5 per person for supplies – All art materials are provided.
Travel from North NJ / Newark airport

For questions and bookings 908 448 1417 or