Sole Dance Purim

This is a new piece I created which is both performance art as well as finished piece of art.

In honor of Purim this year my children decided they wanted to throw a Purim carnival for the community. This was the perfect opportunity for an in interactive performance art piece I have been wanting to create.
Purim a day of intense joy which makes it a perfect time to bring this idea to life.

With a big canvas, a few buckets of paint, a DJ and loud music all we needed was the community to come dance and create “Sole Dance”!
And dance we did! Special thanks to Uri Abramov and Olam DJ and Production for the music on Purim!

Creating the painting was a really special experience, however it needed a few more layers of dancing to complete.
On the last day of Adar I completed my “Sole Dance” painting that began on Purim – with the help of  some dear friends.

Adar is the month we are told to ‘Add Happiness’. Every day we add more and more happiness, making the last day of Adar one of the happiest days of the year!!

Happy Adar!