#Spread Your Light

This year Artist and Rabbi Yitzchok Moully is invited back to the Jerusalem Biennale as a curator and artist. For this year’s Biennale Moully created a site-specific installation titled #Spread Your Light.

This year’s site-specific installation is designed to provoke public participation in the exploration of the concept that physical action is capable of having an impact L’shem Shamayim – for the sake of heaven.

This installation takes the form of a sukkah constructed of a reflective plexiglass exterior and completely white interior. The reflective nature of the exterior allows the viewer to ‘see themselves in the sukkah’ thereby drawing them into the space. 

Upon entering the instillation viewers are asked – L’shem Shamayim – to participate in completing the project by either performing a mitzvah in the moment or committing to do a mitzvah in the future, whereupon they receive a colorful flame shaped sticker to place anywhere in the sukkah.

As the stickers fill the space, the bare white walls and floor transform into a colorful and visual symbol of Mitzvot changing the world around us. The sukkah transforms into a visual prompt to contemplate the spiritual impact of a physical action.