Illuminated Tanya. Chapter 1
Stainless steel, Plexiglas, acrylic, light. 44x27in

After years of thinking this piece over, I’m super excited to share the first in a series titled ‘Illuminated Pages’. The first in the series is Tanya. The letters of the first page of Tanya have been cut out, with a painted Plexiglas and light behind it.
When we learn the Tanya we reveal the hidden light. The letters of the Tanya are the source of the light.

The Tanya is the ‘Torah SheBal Peh’ of Chassidus – the written Torah of Chassidus. Each letter, each word is holy and pure, written with much intent. The Tanya is the embodiment of Kaballah the hidden part of the Torah handed down from teacher to disciple through the generations. The Tanya brings these secrets to the public, accessible to the masses.

Illuminated Pages Tanya attempts to visualize this concept, bringing the letters to life. The letters of the Tanya are the source of light, when learned, the letters themselves light up our life.

(Thank you Kehot publishing for permission of use)