Part #1 Miami FL

Perhaps my craziest biggest undertaking so far…
Last week when I was in Miami Dan Arev told me he may have wall in Wynwood, if I wanted to put up a mirror.
Well a few days and sleepless nights later, I’m here on the middle of the world’s biggest Menorah Mural – or at least that’s what we’re claiming.

An epic huge shout out to Joseph Waks who is help me with pulling this together – and encouraging/ demanding I put up a second mural in Surfside the following day….

Most of all I have to say G-D has been with me every step of the way, even at 3 am when the projector, generator, were not working and I was yelling, G-D still had everything under control even if I didn’t realize it.

So here is the Wynwood mural
Thank you everyone for your encouragement!

Part two of my crazy Miami trip was @joseph_waks deciding we need a second mural (in two days) painted in Surfside FL.
Small details like the fact that you need a 30 days to get a permit approved were no match for Joseph’s determination. So here we are with smiling Surfside officials watching as the Menorah went up!
Thank G-D this one was somewhat more manageable, and complete in a few hours!

Part #2 New York City/NJ

Moully Art #LightOverDarkness Traveling Mural

This Chanukah, Rabbi Yitzchok Moully, the conceptual artist who just got back from Miami painting the world’s largest menorah mural, is going on wheels with his new interactive Chanukah mural, #LightOverDarkness.

In a 30 ft RV, overlayed by 25 ft murals of a menorah on a black background, he will be making appearances at menorah lightings all around the tri-state area, throughout the holiday. Each successive night, as the Chanukah candles are being kindled, he will paint the night’s new light onto the menorah on the canvas. During the event, passersby will be given the chance to interact with the piece by pledging an action they will take towards vanquishing darkness, and writing them onto the mural in metallic colors. These pledges will not only physically illuminate the black canvas, they will also ultimately add real, spiritual light into the world.

In conjunction with a menorah lighting, #LightOverDarkness is a project that fuses the joy of an artistic experience with the inspiration of a spiritual gathering, promotes community building among people from all walks of the Jewish world, and galvanizes participants to actively outshine the darkness, each with their own acts of light.

To have Yitzchok Moully’s #LightOverDarkness mobile mural come add some spark to your community menorah lighting, please contact Moully at ymoully@gmail.com or call 617-686-0296.

#LightOverDarkness is in memory of the 11 killed at  the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.