A Moully art painting ‘Morning Prayer, Ruined?’ is in Shirah Wine’s latest release Geshem.

Geshem Shirah Wine Moully

Here is some wonderful news! A painting of mine now graces the latest wine from the awesome Weiss brothers and their winery known as Shirah Wine!
I met Gabriel and Ariella Weiss a little over a year ago while on an art tour in the LA area. They were doing a wine tasting at one of my art shows. We connected and they bought my painting ‘Morning Prayer, Ruined?’ Now that painting is on their latest wine!!
Yes I tasted the wine and it is really wonderful, so if you are into quality wine and art, go out and get your hands on a bottle of Geshem, and if you want I will gladly autograph the bottle.

Available for sale at https://shirahwine.com/


About the painting:
Morning Prayer. Ruined? 24x24in Acrylic and Ink on Canvas. Sold.

One of my first pieces, Morning Prayer originally explored prayer from a pop perspective. Sitting out during an art fair the piece got wet before I could get to it. Thinking it was ruined I put it aside, only to discover a new layer of beauty in the ‘damage’

geshem label 2