Enjoy your unique relationship with the Torah!

Wishing us all A Happy Shavuot!
– The day G-D descended on Mt Sinai and gave us the Torah/married the Jewish people.

The traditional Chassidic greeting is ; On Shavuot “we should receive the Torah and internalize its message”, deepening our relationship with G-D the giver of the Torah!
Little secret, the idea for this Holiday piece for Shavuot is at least 5 years old. I wanted a Holiday piece for each one of the Holidays. For a while I was thinking how to incorporate the Holiday food in the image, but in the end I went with the interplay of a Ashkenaz/ European Torah and a Sefard/Middle Eastern Torah. They are both identical on the inside, only the outer trappings reflect the countries and societies they evolved in.

So Happy Shavuot and – Enjoy your unique relationship with the Torah!