Happy Chanukah to all my friends out there!

Chanukah would not be complete for me if I did not attempt to share my joy of the Holiday through my art. So after some thought, this is what I came up with.
Recently I purchased some black gesso – it’s the stuff you prime the canvas with before you paint – for another project.  Working with a blank black canvas is a whole new experience, and I’m enjoying the challenge.
Chanukah being all about lighting up the darkness was the perfect opportunity to work with a deep black canvas and see where I can take it. Beginning with a gold menorah at the bottom of the large canvas I began painting in the glowing flames one day at a time, while taking photos and video of the process.
In keeping with the spirit of the menorah and the message of Chanukah to keep growing in our effort/holiness, I am shearing the images of the menorah as it grows and shares more light, day by day.

Enjoy and please share your feedback
Much appreciated & Happy Chanukah

Click here to view the time lapse day by day 

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