Its Up!!

After lots of dreaming, lots and lots of work, Im super proud to share my very first mural #WeAllBelong 

This mural is the first part of my dream to put up 10 murals around Crown Heights Brooklyn depicting the Rebbe’s 10 Mitzvah Campaign.
More to come!!

The concept in a nut shell is: Unity through recognizing our differences on the outside, while highlighting our oneness on the inside.

Created in partnership with the Jewish Children’s Museum and in conjunction with The Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative – RCII

Special thanks to Sarah Kranz-Ciment for believing in a loopy artist full of crazy ideas. I look forward to working with you on many more projects.

Check out a short time lapse of part of the making of the mural.

Here is an article about the mural and its story:
November 21, 2018

A Mobile Mural -#WeAllBelong

Unity through recognizing our differences on the outside, while highlighting our oneness on the inside. #WeAllBelong

The enclave of Crown Heights, is well-known for its prominent Chabad presence. While at first glance its inhabitants may appear to form a rather uniform group, in reality it is comprised of a unique mesh of individuals with varying abilities, perspectives and origins.

In partnership with the Jewish Children’s Museum and in conjunction with The Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative (RCII), artist Yitzchok Moully aims to promote ahavas yisroel, love for every person, by means of a mural in the neighborhood prominently displayed outside the JCM building. It highlights the Torah’s message that each person is a world unto themselves regardless of their abilities, the color of their skin, invisible mental health conditions, socioeconomic status, or any other distinguishing factor.

Moully’s mural depicts a Crown Heights community scene with people of all types, emphasizing the fact that it is precisely the variety that brings vibrancy and life to a community, while at our core we are all unified.

On a deeper level, Moully is inspired by the way Chasidus – particularly The Tanya – teaches us, that we are all connected on a soul level. This idea is represented in the ‘soul splash’ on each character in the mural. The soul is inherent in each of us and the same in all. While our exteriors are different by design and each person needs to be focused on as an individual, our neshamos are all a chelek elokim mimaal. When we connect with another person, we can do so on the soul level – the place where we are one, and indeed everyone does truly belong. Only when we recognize our innate similarity can we grow in our relationships with each other.

In addition, Moully is now making the mural interactive by linking the mural with an Augmented Reality (AR) app he is developing to deepen the viewers experience. When observed through the app on a person’s phone, each of the painted characters will come to life with particular reactions.

This project is part of a larger multi media campaign that will include a new song and music video by 8th Day called “We All Belong,” and the mural will travel across the United States to reinforce the message of inclusion in many communities. It is expected to be a central icon at the Friendship Circle Marathon in Miami at the end of the year. If you would like to display the mural in your community please contact the RCII at or 701-404-RCII (7244).

The mural has been completed in time for the launch of a new project – ShabbaTTogetherA Global Shabbos of Disability Inclusion and Mental Health Awareness- being launched by Chabad in over 200 cities across the globe and on every continent on Parshat Terumah, February 8-9, 2019. For more info and how to get involved go to

The mural is sponsored by Esther Deutsch and is intended as the first of different creative means to bring Torah concepts of inclusion to life in a creative, colorful, positive, and unifying way. Because, we all belong.