Illuminated Tanya – Perek 41
Stainless steel, acrylic, light box. 36x48in

Tanya 41 is available for purchase here.

The Tanya is the ‘Torah SheBal Peh’ of Chassidus – the written Torah of Chassidus. Each letter, each word is holy and pure, written with much intent. The Tanya is the embodiment of the hidden part of the Torah handed down from teacher to student through the generations. The Tanya brings these secrets to the public, accessible to all.

Illuminated Tanya attempt to visualize this concept, bringing the letters to life. The letters of the Tanya are the source of light, when learned, the letters themselves light up our life.    

The Rebbe on numerous occasions encouraged us to learn this text (Perek 41) before shachrit/morning prayers, as it speaks to our relationship with G-D.

The intention of the artist is to make this piece of art available to all Chabad institutions to display and spread the light of Tanya through the world. 
Free shipping in New York.
Custom dedications are available at no extra cost. 

Tanya 41 is best seen in person, photos and videos don’t do it justice.
Tanya 41 is on display at the Kehot showroom 291 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn NY.

Tanya 41 is available for purchase here.