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Yitzchok Moully creates distinctive pieces of Contemporary Jewish Art that combines the bright, bold colors prevalent in pop art with the timeless and sophisticated images of Judaica and the Jewish people. Moully’s original screen prints utilize ink and acrylic paints to represent traditional Judaica art themes for a modern generation. They are available in their original form, as limited edition reproductions, and as print, canvas, and eCards for all to share and enjoy. Please feel free to browse the collection of contemporary Jewish art, as you are sure to find a piece that not only appeals to your sense of aesthetic beauty, but also stimulates and challenges your perception of Jewish art.

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Moully would love to share his work and inspiration, click below to find out how.

Host an evening of Jewish art with Yitzchok Moully. Experience the work up close and hear Moully’s story “What is a good Jewish Rabbi doing painting”

Host a silkscreen workshop with Moully. An exciting hands on art workshop. Perfect for camps, youth groups and parties.

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